Closing the Gap in the Classroom

In 2017 our Progress 8 was 0.17, yet for disadvantaged students this figure was -0.63. 1 in 5 children at KEVICC receive the Pupil Premium. A key priority for the College is to close the gap in progress and attainment between those students eligible for the Pupil Premium and those that are not.

Research tells us that strong teaching is the most effective way to close the gap. The following strategies represent four broad teaching and learning tools we can collectively use to close the gap: modelling, active learning, questioning and feedback.

These four strategies now act as an appendix to our Teaching & Learning policy: Closing the Gap. Faculty leaders will be providing time for teams to reflect on these four areas and discuss best practice. We will collate this come the end of May, and get it back to you. Our next round of lesson visits this term – to Humanities and Maths – will also be an opportunity for us to see all the good practice we have across the college within these four areas.

KEVICC CPL posts on modelling, active learning, questioning and feedback will follow this term. Wider CPL next year – including nanos and hubs – will also be structured around these priority areas.

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