Teacher Identity

Our CPL took a different turn this week. Saif Ali @SaifSalemAli from Integr8 came in to speak to both our students and staff. Not your typical CPL hub, Saif drew on his incredible personal journey as an asylum seeker to challenge us to re-look at our own identities as teachers. How authentic is our own personal identity? Does this enrich our ‘teacher’ identity? Is there a disconnect here? How does your moral compass shape your identity? Without a clear moral purpose, are we in danger of losing our professional vision and fulfilment? Being in the job for the wrong reasons is one thing, but being in the job as the wrong ‘person’ is something else altogether. Saif encouraged us to re-connect to our true selves to help us authentically connect to the young people around us.

Reflecting more widely on connectedness and using your position in the world for positive impact was the subject of the student talk earlier in the afternoon. A focus on relationships, belonging and active participation – these were the ingredients needed to realise your personal potential.

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