Our New Learning & Teaching Policy

Here it is: our new Learning & Teaching policy. We have worked with our students and staff to shape this. Max launched this with College Leadership yesterday, check his slides out here. The policy very much reflects a partnership approach and, as a cooperative college, we believe this to be the right way to formulate such a document.

Now, we are after your feedback. Comments and thoughts are warmly welcome – either through your Head of Faculty or directly by completing a comment reply below.

Lastly, the most important aspect to all this is how we work to keep this policy live, relevant and vital to our day-to-day practice. This cannot become one of those policies that falls on deaf ears and simply collects dust. As such, we will commit to working the policy cornerstones into our CPL, our SEF work, into our assembly programme, this blog and into our parent forums.

Let us know your thoughts.

Related documents: Learning Partnership Termly Feedback Poster and Policy Roll Out

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