CPL Market Place

Another term gone, and another market place to collectively share and reflect upon our CPL. Yesterday’s market place was of the highest quality. We saw the work that our Growth Mindset hub had been doing over the past two terms, notably around changing attitudes to learning, promoting growth focused feedback to students and nurturing grit amongst students and staff.

We saw the work of our pupil premium hub, who’d been engaging with the Sutton Trust research around closing the gap. Each hub representative engaging in their own piece of action research to foster and promote the progress of students eligible for the catch up funding.

We saw the work that the home learning hub had been doing, engaging with our platform. Colleagues had developed their use of the gradebook, community resources and reporting. Check out the booklet here.

The beyond outstanding hub were focused on individual areas of research, notably class profiles and the TEEP model of learning. Finally our Google Apps hub continued to advance our move to Google across the school, particularly looking at Google classroom, slides and sheets.

Next term we move to a new menu of CPL, particular highlights include Restorative Justice, Active Learning, Numeracy and Effective PSHE.

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