The Value of NPQML

This year Emma has been working towards her National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership. With another cohort window opening for 2016-17, we asked her to tell us why she did it and why she’d recommend it to others. Here’s what she told us…

The programme came recommended to me by Sarah – our Deputy – as a fantastic opportunity to extend my professional learning. As a member of staff trying to become a middle leader, I was becoming frustrated by the catch 22 of not having the ‘experience,’ needed to obtain positions, but not having any way to gain the experience without the role.

I’ve really enjoyed and benefited from the course in a number of ways, not least the really valuable opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals. I was unsure, at first, what it would be like meeting up with the same group of people at points across a whole year, rather than the more usual model of INSET of one day at a time. It turned out to be really refreshing and valuable to have the time and space to gain strong research-based theoretical knowledge and to discuss it – after thinking and applying some of those concepts. I was enabled to reflect on my own work in a way which, although it had come from a range of theories, was then developed and enhanced by discussing the practical approaches and applications of those in a range of educational settings.

I’d recommend this course to other colleagues who are considering that next step wholeheartedly, though I would say that finding one closer to who would be beneficial due to the people you can meet.  The amount of work has been manageable and well spread across the year – another reason why I would suggest others take the opportunity up if it arises. There has also been the opportunity to participate online and this meant that it can fit in well with other obligations and commitments.

As I say, for anyone thinking about the next step to Middle Leadership, I’d say this is a great opportunity.


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