NPQSL: Becoming nationally recognised as a quality senior leader

This year, Brad decided to take on the challenge of the NPQSL course: a year long CPL programme run by the National College for Teaching and Leadership. Here’s why he did it and why you may want to follow suit…

The programme came recommended to me by Sarah – our Deputy – and I knew other Senior Leaders I respected had completed the course and spoken highly of it. I saw this as a great opportunity to add some high-quality recognised accreditation to my recent experience as a Senior Leader to explore further whether I would make a good Senior Leader on a full time basis.

I’ve benefited from the course in a number of ways, not least the really valuable opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals – I secured my role for next year in part due to this very thing. The course has also provided me with a strong research-based theoretical knowledge to supplement my actual experience in this type of role, which again was commented on in my recent interview. It’s also provided that rarest of things – time to reflect on my own work in a deep, meaningful way.

I’d recommend this course to other Middle Leaders who are considering that next step wholeheartedly, in no small part down to the quality of the facilitators – real life ex-heads who aren’t afraid to be brutally candid when it comes to telling you what you need to know about the realities of this type of work. The amount of work has been really manageable and well spread across the year – another reason why I would suggest others take the opportunity up if it arises. There has also been a good amount of online learning, which I really feel works well given the content.

As I say, for anyone thinking about the next step from Middle Leadership, I’d say this is a great opportunity.

The college will again be supporting colleagues through the NPQSL in 2016-17, more details to follow.

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